Thursday , July 29 2021

Narail went up to Mashrafe's electoral decision || Press Room BD

Bangladesh's ODI captain, Mohammad Mashrafee Bin Mortaza, announced the challenge of the Awami League in the Jatiya Sangsad elections due to the flood of joy over Narail. Awami League activists, especially young people, see this positive announcement.

Most people in Narail say that if you win the Awami Mashrafe League bid, the crown of victory is inevitable. If Mashrafe is elected as MP, then the careless Narail will be developed.

Narail people, after hearing about the purchase of the Mashrafi nomination form, exhaled the people of Narail. People of different kinds of people have expressed their opinion about participating in the election of Mashrafe.

Former Narail District agent Chhatra League, the coordinator of the Awami League of Laxmipasha, district public library secretary, Narail Express Foundation lawyer Kazi Bashirul Haque, said that "all relations with Mashrafe are irrelevant regardless of the Alliance. There is no enmity with anyone. If MP Mashrafi chose a clean image, then Narail could assume carelessness. We hope that we all cooperate in the development of Narail. "

The general secretary of the Narail Express Foundation, Tariqul Islam Anik, said: "If the election appointment of Mashrafee Jatiya Sangsad, the Foundation will take the matter with pleasure and Foundation officials and their desires will be at their side. Because it will be the development General of Narail if elected MP. "

The CEO of the Narail Express Foundation, Mashraf's father, Golam Mortaza Swapan, said: "If the prime minister names him (Mashrafe), then my family and I will like it." & # 39;

Al Faisal Khan, director of Amada Adarsha College of Narail said: "Mashrafe is a creative man and, no doubt, good. Sometimes it benefits poor people."

The leaders of the Senior League of Awami did not agree to comment on the purchase of the nomination form of Mashrafe. Some said that after buying the nomination form, they will talk about the matter.

Meanwhile, on Monday, announcement of the announcement of the purchase of the nomination form of the Mamirafi Awami League party began marching in front of Mashrafe's house (behind the Narail Government High School) and local correspondents.

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