Sunday , January 17 2021

Samsung launches a flip W2019 phone

Digital Newspaper: Samsung's first portable smartphone recently appeared in public. The look and look of the captured taksacavid Although the company has not yet given its name or price. But apart from that, another interesting model is the front of Samsung

Even so, the smartphone was not very popular in this country. Many people used Samsung's Flip phone at the time. Several models were also very popular. Norteljiai returns to South Korea. Publicly Flip W2019 phone. Last year the W2018 came on the market. This is the updated version of this smartphone. We know what are the interesting features of this new model.

[জানেন, হোয়াটসঅ্যাপে কীভাবে নিজের ছবিকেই স্টিকারে পরিণত করবেন?]

1 The Finnish mobile phone of diamond is 17.3 mm thick. Weight of 257 grams
2 The 4.2-inch almond screen phone contains Full HD resolution.
3 The flip phone of the Android 8.1 operating system is connected to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor.
4 There are 6 GB of RAM. This is the idea that the speed of an application will work on the phone.
5 128 GB and 256 GB, both memory phones are available in the market.
6 The phone has a double rear camera. Both are 12 megapixels. And 8 MP front camera for self-esteem.
7 The phone compatible with 3070 mAh batteries has general features such as Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi.
8 The digital printing sensor will be on the side button.
9 This model will combine silver and gold in two colors.

[দিওয়ালিতে ১০ লক্ষেরও বেশি বিক্রি হয়েছে এই কোম্পানির স্মার্টফোন]

The price of the mobile is not officially announced, but its value is approximately $ 1,439. However, the characteristics of the feet of the related Indian buyers. Because this model is only available in the Chinese market by some South Korean markets. This means that there is no way to buy now.

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