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Student protests demanding half of bus rental

The university students in Dhaka protested by the demanding half of the bus fee for students. They protested in front of the campus about 12:00 on Wednesday. At that time, students stopped the buses, including Bikash, VIP, Mirpur Link, Winer.

Eyewitnesses, the students who did not rent half of the bus, the students took to the road. At the time they protested in half of the rent. But he did not vandalize any type.

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The Dhaka authorities said buses in this route were disobeying the government's order. They did not rent half. Often buses use bad students with students. So the students protested. The situation is normal now. The university authorities will talk to bus owners about the subject of recruitment.

New Police Market OC Atiqur Rahman said that students had peaceful movements. They talked to the owner about the hiring issue.

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