Monday , March 1 2021

Subhashree gave new news!

The actress Shubhashree Gangopadhyay gives new news The new novelty deals with And publicly shared with fans in social media.

Subhashree recently shared a video on social media. There he told his new news about his life.

In Shuvashri's words: "I will give you very special news for all of you. You can download the Share Chat application right now to get more news about me. Follow my account. You will know a lot about me. Also, some exclusive content will be available. & # 39;

The heroine recently passed the anniversary. The first anniversary after the wedding was very special to her. Swami Raj Chakravarty shared moments of celebration with social media. Meanwhile, new news for your fans Now you can learn about them by sharing chat apps.

Click to watch the video …

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