Friday , January 22 2021

The National Income Prosecutor starts on Tuesday

The 9th National Income Phase began at the Bailey Road courts in the city as of tomorrow.

Taxpayers will be able to fill out their return forms, so that the fair will be carried out in the audiovisual visualization or video tutorial. A stop service will always be held at the fair to help taxpayers obtain their return. But the taxpayer's taxes and family taxes of Bahadur will not be honored at the fair.

Although the presence of new taxpayers increases every year at the fair, despite the amount of registered taxpayers who do not scare the income tax, the amount of registered income increased by 37 lakhs, but the amount of revenue received did not increase in that proportion. The simplification of the procedure will have to increase the amount of return by 20 percent this year, the hopes of NBR. The revenue tax fair will take place in 166 places, including 8 cities, districts and divisions.

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