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The three new Samsung phones in Kolkata so that the experience of smartphones is smarter

Current trends in Smartphone mean, in less light, perfect image, slow mode, Boo mode, Live and Pauzi. Taking into account this new generation demand, the three new Samsung phones: A50, A30 and A10, were launched in Kolkata on February 28. Infinity Screen or SAMOLED, Ultra Wide Video, Slow-M, Digital Print on Screen, 4000 MH Battery The USP Series.

The company claims that its A series phones will be especially useful for the Z generation. The company thinks that the smartphone usage experience will take a step further, these three handsets Samsung claims that the current generation spent about 158 ​​minutes per week no social networking site Also, those who have a tendency to play games spend about 206 minutes per week with the phone. Samsung thinks these three new members: A50, A30, A10, may make these users more intelligent and attractive.

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The price of these three phones at once:

Galaxy A50 6/64 GB Price of Rs 22,990, 4 / 64GB price of 19,990 taka

Galaxy A30 4/64 GB Price of 16.990

Galaxy A10 4/64 GB Price of 8,490

Galaxy A50

The most up-to-date phone of the brand A Galaxy A50 Three rear-end, infiniti-u cameras and powerful battery monitors on the phone. 6.4 inch screen FHD + Next Generation Infinity U SAMOLED, with a small bezel.

Slow demo trends are also fulfilled

This screen contains fingerprint scanners under the screen

The back camera of the phone has an ultra-slow lens of 8 megapixels, with an ultra-lens of 123 degrees. The claim of the company, which is exactly what you see, can be used to lock the camera with the Galaxy A50 phone. Especially when using the wide angle.

There are three rear cameras on the Galaxy A50 phone

The main camera has a 25-megapixel sensor with F1.7 aperture. The company claims that the Galaxy A50 is capable of carrying the perfect image in low light. The other will have a 5-megapixel depth sensor, including the opening of the F2.2 lens.

The phone has 21 scanner optimizer

The fingerprint enabled system is available on the screen. The phone has 4000 mAh of 15 watts and is available on this phone. In the white and blue perspectives of black and curved color, the Galaxy A50 can be found in three models.

Galaxy A30

Although the A50 is not so up to date, the Pocket Friendly price coincides with the A30. It does not have three cameras, but there are rear cameras of 16 and 5 megapixels. Its opening is F1.7 and F2.2. There are also ultra wide angle lenses. The 4000 MH battery, including 15-watt charging technology, means that the phone will be loaded quickly. Edge-to-edge 6.4-inch FHD + Next Generation Infinity The SAMOLED viewing experience can be found on this phone. A30 capable of doing various tasks, including games, video, multi-tasking, navigation. Includes rear fingerprint scanner. Samsang's "middle class phone" can be found in red, blue and black colors.

Phone Galaxy A30 USP

Galaxy A10

That is the claim, at a reasonable price, of the A10 phone. This phone has a 6.2-inch screen HD + Infinity V, face recognition with camera combinations of 13 and 5 megapixel aperture F1.9. 3,400 mAh battery backup. A10 can be found in red and black models.

Galaxy A10

Next next March 2 These three phones can be found at various stores and electronic commerce in India and on the Samsung website.

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