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Yaba dealers in prison!

Throughout the years, the child has sold and used drugs for years. One day he used to behave indiscriminately with the family members who entered the house after consuming Yaba. Now the father did not tolerate. The accused presented the case against the child. In the case, the father, mother, brothers and wife of drug addicts testify. On the basis of this testimony, the court gave the accused two years in prison.

The incident occurred in Feni. The name of the accused is Mir Hossain (36). His house was centered in the middle of the Suvpur Union of Jaipur under Chagalnaiya upazila of Feni.

Court sources said Thursday that drug addict and drug trafficker Mir Hossain was convicted under the 19 (1) / 9 (a) Criminal Code narcotics control law and sentenced to two years in prison for a two thousand rupee prison and a prison additional one month. Senior Judge Magistrate of Feni Zakir Hossain gave this verdict. At that time, the accused were present at court.

Family sources said that Mir Hossain was selling and selling drugs for 18 years. I used to have a little work before. He went to work after taking drugs. The family was disturbed by the torture of Mir Hossain.

The fiscal prosecutor of Feni (API) Sathadeb Kumar Baidya said in the first light that on July 3, 2012, defendant Mir Hussein behaved indecently with family members who entered the house after taking Yaba. Then said his father. Yusuf Bhuiyan, mother Chakina Begum, sister Nargis Sultana, younger brother Younus Bhuiyan, one of the arrested drug addicts, Mir Hossain, and told the Chaglania police station. When the police took him from the house, the police recovered 25 pounds of yaba from the bed of the accused pillar.

According to sources of the court, said the defendant's father. Yusuf Bhuiyan filed a lawsuit with the police station of Chaglania against the child under the Narcotics Law. During the legal proceedings, the nine witnesses, including the father, mother, brothers, the wife of the accused, the police, testify in the court.

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