Tuesday , October 19 2021

496 people are prohibited from playing in Belgium … at the request of a relative


Several facts

The annual report of the 2017 Game Commission states that 98 people were banned at the request of a third year last year, informing the titles of Supdresse on Tuesday.

The figure may seem weak, but you should know that this provision is unique in the world. "The measure is beginning to be known," said Étienne Marique, president of the Gambling Commission. In 37 cases, according to the report, the request was made by the spouse or legal cohabitant. In 31 cases, by the father or mother. In 13 cases by another member of the family, often a brother or sister; in 10 for a child or a daughter. Then, by a friend, a magistrate or a social worker.

In total, nowadays 496 people are prohibited based on the request of a relative.

As of November 1, more than 370,000 people were banned from gambling in Belgium. Even eliminating magistrates, notaries, prosecutors and other police officers, there are still 314,000 people.

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