Friday , June 18 2021

David Hallyday lived a year in Marnes-la-Coquette: why did Laeticia expel him?

In 2001, the singer came to live with his father.

At age 52, David Hallyday is ready to find the stage and televisions. He sent a title to his deceased father, entitled My last letter. The album also has a revealing title: I have something to tell you.

Nothing leaked about the content of this song or this album but we imagine it should not be much in favor of Laetitia, with whom the relationships are very tense as a legal battle is generated around Johnny's legacy.

We learned in the book Laeticia, the true story, that David returned to live with his father in 2001, while living in his house Marne-la-Coquette with his wife. At that time, in 2001, the singer had just divorced Estelle Lefébure and "was no longer a round," reveals Jean-Claude Camus, former Johnny producer.

At first, coexistence goes well, the authors reveal. David leads a healthy life, but things get worse and Laetitia did not support him.

"David stays one year at his father's house, where his unmarried bachelor's life ends up making a mess ", We learned in the famous book. After a while it would be "guests to leave". Laeticia would definitely have "Build a case against him."

A relative of David reveals today that if that game of the singer of his father's house was "without shock"things would get complicated later.

"Between him and Laetitia during all these years, there was never any reproach, screaming […] The violence that we are living today is the result of the total absence of real confrontations that existed among them for ten years. ", from this informant.

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