Thursday , October 28 2021

Elio Di Rupo will be the top of the list in the federal elections: "This announcement goes wrong inside the party"


Belgian policy

The announcement of Elio Di Rupo's bid at home on RTBF's set on Thursday took a long time to the PS. Obviously, there were consultations within the party, the president seems to precipitate the events without the agreement of all. In recent months, the picture of Mr Rupo's candidature in the European vote circulated in the media. On Thursday night, the person announced that he would direct the list at the House of Hainaut and lead the PS campaign in the federal elections.

In the party's headquarters, it was said that this announcement was preceded by the necessary consultations, especially with Paul Magnette, that a long time was expected to head the list in Hainaut and figure of the party in the next elections. However, according to several sources, it is an "individual output" that was not discussed in the party's office and was not approved by a number of personalities of the PS.

"For a few hours, this was a great discussion within the party," he added. "This announcement goes wrong".

The party line in elections or the person or people who embody the party during the campaign were not decided. In this regard, Paul Magnette has a certain support within the training and several proxies wish to take the lead in view of the 2019 elections. Their ranking of popularity does not decline with the course of the surveys. And, for many, after the municipal elections that marked the need for change, embodies the renewal of the party against a president of Elio Di Rupo for almost 20 years. The former prime minister, although he enjoys great respect, is also criticizing some of the measures taken in the previous legislature, especially in the field of unemployment, which damaged the image of the party.

"With all the esteem that we owe to Elio Di Rupo, we are many who defend an inventory of rights," said one of these sources.

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