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Emiliano Sala was "abandoned" by Cardiff City and forced to organize his flight to himself


Argentine striker Emiliano Sala, who died on January 21 in a plane crash Emiliano Sala, had been "abandoned" by the Cardiff City football club and forced to organize the flight that fatal, former agent Willie McKay said on Thursday.

Willie McKay, whose son Mark was commissioned by FC Nantes to find a shopping club for the Hall, helped him organize the traveler's trip.

After signing in Cardiff, Emiliano Sala left for Nantes on January 19 to bid farewell to his former colleagues and recover business before leaving two days later to the Welsh capital on board a small plane. The airplane fell on the channel, killing the soccer player and the pilot, David Ibbotson.

"He was more or less abandoned in a hotel to organize his trip to himself," said Willie McKay in an interview with the BBC. "Nobody in Cardiff seemed to be doing anything," said Willie McKay. "They buy a player for 17 million euros, then leave him alone in a hotel to go to a computer and search for a flight," he added.

"It's shame how they behaved so far."

The Welsh club said it offered a commercial flight to Emiliano Sala, which has declined.

Willie McKay and her son said they paid the entire trip to Emiliano Sala. Willie McKay explained that he had an experienced pilot, David Henderson, to organize the trip.

The McKay believe they have become "scapegoats" but expect the investigation to show that the accident was due to a "pilot error."

The British Air Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) said yesterday that the plane that leads to Emiliano Sala was not authorized to operate commercial flights.

The researchers said David Ibbotson, the pilot, was already carrying other passengers from a "cost sharing", authorized by the regulations.

After the accident, Cardiff suspended the transfer payment of Emiliano Sala, who hopes to wait for the first conclusions of the accident investigation report to see if any of the responsibilities can be attributed to FC Nantes, justifying a revision of the decrease in the amount of the transfer.

FC Nantes asked FIFA for the transfer payment.

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