Thursday , September 23 2021

Facebook will soon be able to restore Messenger to your application

Facebook has often presented the Messenger application for its chat system, to the point that it no longer offers messages from its parent application. But this could change quickly …

In 2011, Facebook left the category of "chat" from its smartphone application to leave it in a separate application: Facebook Messenger. But many users have wondered about the usefulness of this gesture: often on an Android smartphone, we will see the application downloaded from Facebook and Messenger, which multiplies the applications and space occupied in the memory of the phone.

For 8 years, Messenger acts as an independent application and anyone who wants to talk from the Facebook application is returned to the Messenger application. This could change from Jane Manchun Wong, known to find hidden functions in applications, found that Facebook would try to restore the chat to its application.

A "lite" version of Messenger

In his Chat, Jane Manchun Wong publishes three screenshots of this Facebook trial version that only offers a very basic version of Messenger. When we click on the top right of the application, instead of reaching the Messenger application, a new window is opened with the different contacts to talk with, here there is no big difference with the basic application, if not the lack of connected contacts. It's when you get to a conversation that we notice the absence of features: more reactions to the messages, we can not call, we can not send images or voice messages (do not worry, the GIF keyboard is still available).

One wonders if this is the first step of the Facebook project to integrate messaging services for Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp into one application. However we do not know if this trial version will lead to a final version and if the chat will return directly to the Facebook application and if Messenger will continue to be an application itself or if it is doomed to disappear.

Since Facebook has separated the Messenger from its main program, it is possible to use it without having an account on this network …

3 reasons to download this application

  • Get in touch with all Facebook members
  • Change photos, videos and files
  • Play games with friends

Essential and known to all Facebook is the largest existing social network, with its two million users and a number …

3 reasons to download this application

  • The world's first social network with two billion users
  • Follow the news of your friends and contact them
  • Enjoy dozens of features

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