Tuesday , June 22 2021

Libramont: the composition of the communal school was revealed


Jonathan Martin, fifth adviser, will be in charge of animal welfare.

The composition of the new communal school of Libramont-Chevigny and the distribution of skills just appeared. Burgomaster Laurence Crucifix (Chevi) will be in charge of the police, security, marital status, finance, personnel, economy (sales and purchases), communication, land use planning, agriculture and forestry. GAL Nov & # 39; Ardenne. The first councilor, Bernard Jacquemin (Chevi), will be in charge of works, water and energy transitions. The second councilor, Christophe Mouzon (Chevi), will have, like abilities, education and school infrastructure, extracurricular, urban, housing and health.

The third and fourth returns returned respectively to Carole Janssens (Chevi) with mobility, companies / SMEs / self-employed workers, ICTs, forests / hunting / fishing and cults / cemeteries and Bertrand Nique (Chevi) with sports and sports infrastructure, youth, environment, sustainable development and PCDR. The fifth councilor, Jonathan Martin (LIBR & # 39; Envol), will discuss culture (cultural center and library), tourism, citizen participation, heritage (museums of the Celts, Marie Howet), rooms and associations and good animals. The future president of CPAS, Cédric Willay will also be in charge of social affairs, majors, extracurricular and social housing.

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