Sunday , April 11 2021

Sinead Or "Connor wants" never rub the targets "

On October 19, Sinead O'Connor announced his conversion to Islam claiming to be "proud to become a Muslim"Since then, taking the name of Shuhada Davitt, the 51-year-old musician is talking about his Tuesday October 6, causing controversy among many internet users.

The Irish singer posted on Twitter Tuesday. "I'm very sad.
What I'm about to say is so racist that I did not know that my soul might think sometime sometime. But now I do not want to leave with the targets (if that's the way we call non-Muslims) Never again, for any reason. They are disgusting. "

In a second intervention he asks himself if the social network will censor his message and then attacks Donald Trump. "It will be interesting to see if Twitter eliminates [ce message] while [la plateforme] allows people like Trump and Milbank to spread their satan rot in our country "

"Nobody is disgusting because of his ethnicity, no matter who crossed the path »,« There are good Muslims but also bad non-Muslims "Some Internet users answered.

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