Thursday , September 23 2021

Tesla eliminates one of its emblematic sales models online


Tesla stops selling the cheapest version of Model 3 online, the car involves converting it into a mass automobile manufacturer, ending an experiment that lasted just over a month.

"We are removing (the standard version of model 3) the options available online, which means that to get customers to call or visit one of the many stores in Tesla," writes the electric vehicle manufacturer in a blog post issued at night from Thursday to Friday.

This decision aims to "simplify production operations to better optimize costs, minimize complexity and simplify them," says the group of cars.

It is a roller coaster for Tesla, who announced the car sold at $ 35,000 before taxes on February 28 and, in the process, changed its distribution model, announcing that they sell their cars online now.

The CEO of Elon Musk has, however, been reconsidered a bit by the decision to close Tesla stores, saying that the group, which is distributed of vehicles and, therefore, has no distributor, would keep some.

Now, the cheapest version of the online model 3 that Tesla sells is $ 39,500, far from the $ 35,000 that the group promised to present this vehicle three years ago.

This is the fourth time since the beginning of the year when the base price of Model 3 has changed.

The last announcement came a few days after disappointing vehicle deliveries in the first quarter recovered the demand for Tesla vehicles and electric cars as a whole.

Tesla's sales are affected in the United States by the gradual reduction of federal tax credit granted to clean cars, rising to $ 3,500 versus $ 7,500 by the end of 2018. This credit should disappear in early 2020.

On Thursday, Tesla also announced that it will begin selling its leased cars, it will not be possible to buy at the end of the lease, because the group plans to integrate them into their fleet of autonomous vehicles.

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