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The best whiskey in the world costs only € 15.80. · Gourmandiz

It is a good victory for Lidl, who again puts a spirit on the first step of the podium. Marketed in Britain, it could land on our shelves during a themed week.

A pure 8 year old malt sold a little over 15 euros in Lidl has just obtained the supreme distinction of drink lovers. This bottle of Queen Margot won the title of best Scottish whiskey in the world.
Margot's 8-year-old queen, sold by Lidl for just under 16 euros, is now one of the best whiskey in the world. This bottle was named "Best Scotch Whiskey" by the 40 international experts that host the World Whiskey Awards, the international competition that is the reference in this field. Lidl Whiskey, sold only in the UK and the Dutch brands of the group, at a price of £ 13.50 (€ 15.80), has exceeded the large names of its category. For example, the Johnnie Walker Black Label, which costs $ 22 at Sainsbury's, a large British distributor, reports The Independent.
This eight-year old whiskey in wooden barrels, according to traditional methods, would have a taste of apricot and plum that imbue it "with a sweetness and depth of rich flavors," reads Lidl's UK website. See the arrival of a week dedicated to British products and, in particular, to the Scot, to offer you a bottle. Unless you make the trip on the occasion of an urban tour and mate two birds with a single stone.
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