Friday , June 18 2021

The disconcerting revelations of Lady Di to his butler on Prince Charles

While Prince Charles is still waiting to be able to take the throne one day and thus succeed his mother, a revelation questions his abilities for this supreme position …

While Lady Diana died more than twenty-one years agoHis memory never stops disturbing the life of Prince Charles. In fact, although many rumors say that Queen Elizabeth II could have left Prince Charles triumph over her life, many people think that The father of princes William and Harry may not be displayed on the throne, especially because of his age. The future monarch will celebrate its 70th anniversary on November 14th.

But other revelations pose to question their own ability to govern. Paul Burrell, ex-butler of Lady Diana He said that the Princess of Wales did not believe in her capable husband or anything "Worthy" of this function. "I do not think we'll ever see King Carlos and Queen Camilla on the throne of England. I know it's his right, I know he's the heir to the throne. I know he's been waiting for his whole life, but his own wife (Lady Diana) said: "My husband is not fit for this supreme position," " trusted the Mirror "I think that the queen may die at the age of 101, 102 or 103. Her mother was almost 102. Longevity is part of the family. I think that, because of the monarchy, when Charles arrives there, he will have 80 years" Paul Burrell also added.

Already in 1995, when the famous interview with Martin Bashir in which Diana Spencer spoke of her separation from Prince Charles (the couple separated in 1992 while the divorce was pronounced in 1996) and infidelities of her husband with Camilla Parker BowlesLady Diana insinuated that her husband did not want to become a king and that he was not done for his role "Abafado". This will not improve the popularity of Prince Charles with the British.


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