Sunday , June 13 2021

The proposal for a warrant against the overflying of Brussels will not be …

The motion for the end of several Brussels against the Brussels airport and the flight over the capital will not be examined before February, the civil court in Brussels agreed on Wednesday. The latter has in fact establish a calendar for the exchange of conclusions between the parties and has a relay date programmed on February 22. It will determine the dates of the allegations before the end of the judicial year.

In this case, six residents of Brussels filed an application for the cessation of discriminatory treatment against the inhabitants of Brussels due to overflight of the capital on October 17. The procedure is against SA Brussels Airport Company, SPF Mobilité and Belgocontrol.

The complainants deplore the fact that they suffer from various forms of discrimination that are especially detrimental to their health, due to Zaventem airport activities.

They point to an underestimation by the authorities of the statistical risks of an air accident over their homes, but also by not applying the measures that are usually taken in other countries (relocation of the most polluting activities, movement of aerodromes, compensatory programs, etc.) .

The complainants also insist on the violation of the noise regulations in the Brussels-Capital Region.

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