Friday , June 18 2021

The XVII Rose Screen Festival opens on Thursday night at the New York Film Festival

(Belgian) The 17th edition of the Pink Screens festival will open Thursday at 6:30 PM at the New York Film Festival. This cinematographic event, which explores the plurality of sexual and gender identities, will take place until November 17. Additional sessions will also be organized at the Beursschouwburg, Galeries, Cinema Aventure and the Palace.

In the program, shorts and feature films, fiction, documentaries such as experimental films, but also performances, debates and festive evenings. With a certain degree of impertinence, this film festival that prefers to deconstruct binaries of male and female identities as sexual orientations. This edition offers a focus "Brazil!" which will begin on Thursday night with the projection of "Tinta Bruta" by Marcio Reolon and Filipe Matzembache. The film counts the meeting of two boys "Cam Boys" who face the reality of homophobia in Brazilian society. "Eat me!", According to the focus of this 17th edition, selected for example the short "Protokolle" from the German director Jan Soldat who gives the floor to three men who wish to be eaten. The Brazilian film "The club of the canibals" "by Guto Parente is also part of this line with a history of black humor where the privileged people have the luxury of eating the flesh of ordinary people. The closing party will be celebrated on Saturday, November 17th at O The Pink Screens Winery festival is organized by the non-profit organization Genders (Belgian)

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