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This food additive reduces our immune defenses against the flu.

A recent study by the United States concluded that a food additive that acted negatively in human natural defenses against the influenza virus was identified. And yet, it is originally an anodyne substance used in cooking oils, aimed at stabilizing fat.

What is this additive?

In its statement issued on April 7, 2019 by Michigan State University (MSU), the researchers referred to Tertiary butylhydroquinone or BHQT, commonly known as E319. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) reports that BHQT is very toxic For aquatic life, harmful by ingestion, severely irritating to the eyes, harmful to the skin and possibly causing an allergic skin reaction.

However, this same E319 additive is present in several foods such as breakfast cereals, instant pasta, cake mixes, frozen meats or chips served in fast food restaurants.

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A worrying conclusion

In his recent research, MSU scientists have established that the BHQT weakened the immune response to the flu virus. The study demonstrated, through tests done in mice, that a diet rich in BHQT annihilated the function of T cells Aids and murderous T cells. In this way, the symptoms of influenza can intensify in this type of cases.

This is not all, since researchers have indicated that the production of certain proteins such as CTLA-4 and IL-10 It is driven by the presence of BHQT in the body. It is known that these proteins weaken the immune system. However, this is a hypothesis that requires more research.

In any case, the tests carried out on the guinea pigs allowed to affirm that the additive reduced to immune system memory. The flu-infected mice fed a BHQT-based diet were more ill. This observation asks logically, because it could be that the additive is capable reduce the effectiveness of vaccination against flu virus!


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