Thursday , September 23 2021

Voici pourquoi Standard-Anderlecht a été arrêté

Division 1A

The three phases of the process were successively cleared out of the fumigens, pétards and sièges sur la pelouse.

Le Clasico aura tourné court. After joining the team, the team was arrested and executed by supporters anderlechtois.

In the 6th minute, after the Halilovic's score score … finally annulled by the VAR, he will block the jet of fumigenas, pétards et des sièges sur le Terrain. The 1 st phase was enclosed and a microphone was used by the speaker.

But the results of the game did not stop until the end of the game was redone with intensity after the score of Marin, sur coup franc, at 22 minutes. The second phase was marked by Monsieur Lambrechts, who invited the young men to rent the temporary dressing room as well as the preliminaries.

After about ten minutes of interruption, the players are surrendering to the pelouse et le VAR nou à nouveau illustré in accordance with a penalty (justified) of Kara sur Djenepo, causing the exclusion of Sénégalais. Mpoku charged to convert the penalty.

In this case, for the "supporters" who were reluctant, in a bid to keep the weight worse by Ochoa, causing him to leave the final phase and finish the second round of the second half, alors that 25 minutes avaient été jouées.

Le Standard will logically give the driver a match, even if they're in love with it, then on the case, I'll go to the Commission on Disputes of which will be announced …

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