Friday , April 16 2021

According to the secretary, the City Council dumped condominium buildings where Muzema was overthrown

At least three buildings will be demolished at the Figueira do Itanhangá condo, on the same street where two buildings were demolished on Friday morning in Muzema. Of the three properties, two are listed because they offer imminent risk, according to the municipal secretary of Infrastructure and Housing, Sebastião Bruno. Families will be registered in social income. According to the secretary's estimate, there are about 60 buildings in the condominium.

"As soon as the fireman frees the area, we demolish these buildings. Several will be demolished but initially these will be three. They are buildings without a signature with technical responsibility, without a license. This is an area of ​​environmental preservation. It's a risk area." said.

According to the secretary, the city council looks for resources with the federal government to build a set My House My Life to allocate these families.

– Families will be registered in social income. And the mayor Marcelo Crivella is in contact with the president of the Republic to obtain resources to constitute My House My Life – concluded.

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