Sunday , June 13 2021

Angelica denies rumor of things with Zezé Di Camargo in the past: "Daughters are my friends"

Angélica used social networks on Wednesday (07) to position herself before the statement by Leo Wolf that would be involved in the past with Zezé Di Camargo. In an interview with Rafael Cortez on the YouTube channel, Leo said: "Angelica with César Filho and Mauricio Mattar. It was César's girlfriend when he met Mauricio, they say he was before he ended Caesar … anyway! But in the middle of that road, until reaching Luciano Huck, he had Zezé Di Camargo. It was a quick thing. ""Surprisingly how irresponsible people are! Then others respond, I think it would be better to talk, because it seems ugly to invent the story. It's very ugly to invent others like that, but when it comes to family, I think it's irresponsible, "said the artist, whose marriage to Huck became October 14th.

"Daughters are my friends," says Angelica

Not to mention the name of Sertanejo, currently married to Graciele Lacerda, continued: "At the time I was married … Hello, lie, people, I know the ex-wife, I like family, the daughters are my friends, everyone the ways … very irresponsible, very ugly, all lies! "Joaquim's mother, Benício, congratulated her on her 11-year birthday and Eva still said:" It's a story that makes you laugh, something ancient that does not exist , invented, 1900 and nothing. I like and respect, so I did not like it. "

The speaker emphasizes the common ground in the marriage: "Projecting life together"

In a previous interview, the artist talked about the lasting relationship with her husband. "Sometimes I feel an irritation and I think:" This week I could not get children at school "or" Luciano was traveling for six days. "" It's like me. "with me because I thought:" Wow, blonde with green eyes. "And that's because we have a life project together," Angelica said, presented with several branches on her wedding anniversary. He even talked about the different personality of the heirs. "What is different is identification, the smallest is a funny figure, astral." I see the joy of her, the middle is "lazy laughter," as I passed through embarrassment situations of laughter. The old man is brain, vigilant, needs a little push, like me. With each one, there are affinities and differences, "he reflected.

(By Marilise Gomes)

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