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Anitta talks about international career and association with Pharrel Williams: "Incredible" – Who

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Anitta is distressed by the outcome of her international career! The singer, who has won several awards in recent months and is one of the nominees for the Latin Grammy, spoke with QUEM about the release of his EP, Only, released worldwide this Friday (9), simultaneously with the clips of I do not forgive time, Poison e Objectives.

Singing in three languages ​​in the new work, Carioca claims to have the facility to record in other languages. "Now I am very used to this and I had some incredible professionals with me that made me feel safe, you have the people of the study giving a lot of help, it is very quiet to record in other languages," he says.

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Honey in the American music market, the music producer Pharrell Williams, partner of Madonna and other big stars, he was responsible Objectives. Encantada with the Brazilian, he praised it in his Instagram by publishing a fragment of the music video that sings in English. "I need Anitta," wrote Pharrell.

Anitta neither praises the musician. "It was amazing. It was amazing. I loved the clip." That rapturous scene (his name was given by the Americans to the movement with his balloon head) was his idea and he said: "You have to put this in the clip." He is a busy man, but if he's called, what he's doing and what he's going to talk about, he's a very enlightened person. "Yesterday the launch party was in Miami's bar," he says.

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When asked about how he sees the recognition of his work abroad, the artist does not hide his joy. "I am very happy and surprised by the speed, I thought it would take a lot longer for recognition, I do not know if it is because I work at a surrealistic speed, I am very surprised by what happened and with all these indications and recognitions." believe

Little by little, conquering the letters of success in the gringa, Anitta intends to have the support of the foreign musical scene. "I think it was more for the musical environment I played in the three languages ​​at the same time. I have more and more friends in the industry and want to see more material and get to know a little more about my work in the language they understand. All the incredible people have called me and I wanted good luck. I was very happy, "he celebrates.

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Recently, the singer drew attention when he presented himself with the British teenage muse Dua Lipa, at the Europe Music Awards in Bilbao, Spain. According to Anitta, the relationship with international idols has become constant in her life. "If you knew what I found and what did not pick it up. It's frilly, but I can not reveal it and rarely meet at parties and prizes." Most are when they call to talk about work or meeting at meetings of music partners, someone's home, "he concludes.

Anitta e Dua Lipa (Photo: Play / Instagram)

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