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Bonner and Natasha Dantas hold the second marriage ceremony in 2 months – 11/11/2018

Journalist William Bonner and physiotherapist Natasha Dantas returned to marry at an intimate ceremony in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday (10). This was the second time they got married in just two months.

In September, Bonner and Natasha have already celebrated the union at an event held in their mother's house, María Luiza Bonemer, in São Paulo. At that moment, the party only had relatives and close friends of the couple. Thalita Martins, the girlfriend of Vinicius Bonemer, son of the host "JN", handed over the secret weddings by posting a video that kept the ship and "announcing" what would be the next girlfriend.

Bonner and his girlfriend entered the marriage documents in June at the V civil registry in Botafogo, south of Rio. UOL, the registry confirmed the information and the process, done in the name of William Bonemer Junior and Natasha Vieira Dantas.

In Rio's party, the video was first published by Hugo Bonemer, presenter's cousin. O UOL He learned that Natasha was made by Alessandra Grochko at the Hotel Emiliano in Copacabana and at the ceremony organized by the company Cielo de Tule. Both came to the sound of "Main Title", opening theme of the "Game Of Thrones" series. (Listen by clicking here)

The couple did not authorize the release of information about the party to the press.

After coverage of the elections, Bonner asked for a few days off and is being replaced by Rodrigo Bocardi at the "National Newspaper" bank.

Bonner and Natasha were publicized in November last year, and seems to be integrated with the family. The physiotherapist interacts with the daughters of Bonner on social networks and the couple has already seen trips with Laura, Beatriz and Vinicius.

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