Thursday , July 29 2021

Bruna Marquezine makes the tattoo on the butt and the followers are surprised

After tattooing the phrase "I am hungry" in French and receive a million different opinions, Bruna Marquezine He revealed three more designs for the body on his Instagram and one of them very close to his head! The actress tattooed a human heart and opted for a sensual click to show the drawing. Since he returned from Paris, the former girlfriend of Neymar They have already made several tattoos and everything in the minimalist footprint.

In stories, Bruna made it clear that the tattoo is not in the back, "is next, under the bikini brand to hide more easily."

Bruna Marquezine tattooed the word "Love" and biblical passage

Besides the human heart, the actress also tattooed a passage of the Bible in the foot and the word "Love" between the fingers. But fans of #Bar to have no hope, because Bru has already ruled out the possibility that the couple returns.

The actress responds to the criticisms of her tattoos

Mix with tattoos Bruna Marquezine It's the violin with the fire! Recently, a follower expressed an outbreak related to the phrase "I am hungry", tattooed by Bruna in French: "Congratulations for the tattoo, I wanted to be so chic to tattoo this and everyone wants, now in my current state I make this tattoo, my family it only criticizes me ". In response, the new BFF of Maisa minimized the criticisms:Nobody has to approve, only you who have to love. "

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