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Chaos and nervousness mark the sale of tickets to Palmeiras x América-MG – Sports

The morning was on Tuesday 13, but could be easily ranked on Friday 13th by Palm Trees who tried to buy tickets for the match against America-MG, valid for the 36th round of the Brazilian championship and will be held on the 21st in the stadium Allianz Park, in São Paulo. With a great deal of clutter and a clear failure in the system before selling on Avanti fan site, many fanatics from the five-star category (which are often more frequent in games) fled the industry.

In social networks, fans denounced much about the disorganization, which is being verified above all in the pre-sales of decisive tournaments in Palmeiras. Twitter and Facebook have been the channels for revolt protests with regard to system problems in the marketing of tickets.

The match against America-MG, which belongs to the first antepenultimate of the competition, can be decisive for the Alviverde club, who leads the Brasileirão with 67 points in 33 games played, with five advantages for the international vice president. The São Paulo team can win the decline of the most important national competition.

The problems began long before the official start of pre-sale, which was at 10 in the morning (from Brasilia). Everything is because some fans managed to get tickets shortly after 9 at night.

After that, after 10 in the morning, several admirers reported problems completing the order, as they could go through all stages of the purchase and could not finish the financial part, which was to approve credit or debit cards.

"I can not buy tickets from 10 in the morning. I try with five different cards and nothing says that the buyer does not accept the payment … he never gave it back. I want a satisfaction" wrote the fan with the username Fabio Scolarista, for Twitter . "After 45 minutes of testing, four applications canceled, five credit cards were rejected, I could buy, that is, if they did not cancel my order, when I got to the line at Mooca Bank, at least I was there for free without paying anything. for a month. It even fails, "wrote the fan identified with the name Played in Palmeiras, on the same social network.

The report went through a similar problem. He tried to buy tickets for two different credit cards and then for a debit card. On the first credit card, the system required approval through iToken, which did not regularly request previous sales of the game. In the second letter, he issued a message that the card did not exist. By debit card, after writing a requested access key, the order was canceled automatically.

In this process, no less than nine requests for tickets purchased in various sectors were canceled: Gol Norte, Superior Norte, Superior Oriente and Superior Sul. Meanwhile, several sectors, such as Gol Norte and Upper Norte, had the situation exhausted gradually.

Through the Avanti service channels, chaos remained, as the telephone did not answer, the chat through the site did not respond and the channels through Facebook did not manifest either. On Twitter, the complaints of the Palmeirense fanatics grew every minute.


Without the resolution of the problem, several fans went to the headquarters of Avante, located in the neighborhood of Agua Blanca, in the area of ​​the west of São Paulo. The report witnessed examples of intense nervousness, as many Palmeirans feared being without the ticket for the game. Many came out at lunch time for their respective services and were also worried that they would not be back at the time of the company.

Among the employees of Avanti, despite their willingness to serve, the faces of concern were very clear. A security guard tried to organize the tail of the followers, which already contained about 30 people at 1:00 p.m.

The solution on the part of the employees was to sell the ticket for the game through the debit card in a single machine available. The fan came out with a coupon similar to the one he bought at the box office, but the recommendation was that the departure day used Avanti's partner card.


At the beginning of the afternoon, in an official note, the official website of Avanti on Facebook reported that there was a flaw in the system of the company Futebolcard, partner of Palmeiras in the commercialization of tickets. There was acknowledgment that the pre-sale period started before 10 hours and the information was that the problem had been resolved.

"Due to a failure in the Futebolcard system, the pre-sale of the game against America-MG started badly at 9 in the morning one hour before the scheduled time. The problem was identified in less than 15 minutes and the previous sale was suspended," he said. said the note "Meanwhile, 734 tickets have been sold, of which 55 have been blocked because they did not meet Avanti's priority; they will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and the others will be confirmed because they meet the prerequisites for prioritization and pre-ordering.

After Avanti's note at 2:10 p.m., Palmeiras published a note in which 18,000 tickets were sold for the match against America-MG.

The members of the Palmeirense fans will have exclusivity when buying tickets through the Internet until Friday, at 10 in the morning, when marketing to the general public will start at the site. The sale to Avanti partners will be divided according to the qualification of each associate, classified from zero to five stars.

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