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Create alerts Paraná Clube has Brazilirão's worst goal

The lantern of the Paraná Clube in the 2018 Brazilian Championship can be explained by several performance numbers. The team is the worst in possession of the ball (45%) and passes the accuracy (78%). It is also the one that least marks and suffers more goals of fouls and scabbards. Another fatal statistic is the accuracy in the conclusions. Parana's team is the worst in this area, with only 30.3% of goal. That is, almost 70% of the team's goals do not reach the goal.

In the volume of finals, Parana is 15 of the competition, with 11.3 per match. The best goal of Brasileirão is Palmeiras, with 44.6%. The data is from Footstats.

The top scorers of Parana in Brasileirão are Silvinho, with three goals in 28 games and Alex Santana with three goals in 23 games. Silvinho beat 38.5% of the final and Alex Santana, 27.7%. Players in the offensive sector (socks, tips and center-forwarders) of the team with greater precision are Rafael Alemán (71.4%), Matheus Pereira (50%), Rodolfo (41.7%) and Biteco (40%).

Among these players, the worst indices are the tip Léo Itaperuna (16.7%) and half Cario Henrique (18.8%).

Percentage of certain endings
1st Palmeiras 44.6%
2nd Flamengo 43.3%
3rd Atlético-PR 41.8%
4th Grêmio 41.0%

19º Chapecoense 31.1%
20 ° Parana 30.3%

Players from the offensive sector * of Paraná Clube
Rafael Alemán 71.4%
Matheus Pereira 50.0%
Rodolfo 41.7%
Biteco 40.0%
Silvinho 38.5%
Carlos 37.5%
Grampola 35.7%
Maicosuel 33.3%
Thiago Santos 27.3%
Ortigoza 25.0%
Carlos Eduardo 25.0%
Deivid 24.0%
Caio Henrique 18.8%
Léo Itaperuna 16.7%
* Only spindles, averages and suggestions

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