Thursday , July 29 2021

Detective Pikachu – The first Pokémon movie trailer is officially released.

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– And the Pokémon present new visuals!

By Felipe Vinha → The first trailer of Detective Pikachu It was released by Warner and shows a world with realistic Pokémon – precisely because it is the first movie with actors and inspired by the television series and games of The Pokémon Company and Nintendo.

As the trailer reveals, the film will focus Tim, a boy who dreamed of being a Pokémon trainer when he was a child. As an adult, you will have the opportunity to work together Pikachu, to solve crimes.

Several references to several Pokémon, of several generations, as well as the participation of creatures on other occasions.

See the trailer below:

The film is based directly on Detective Pikachu, the game of the saga that was released on the Nintendo 3DS for some time. The story will focus on how Tim goes in search of his past and his father.

The movie has Ryan Reynolds in the voice of Pikachu, Kathryn Newton in the role of Lucy, Justice Smith like Tim Goodman, Ken Watanabe like Detective Yoshida, as well as Bill Nighy in a document that has not yet been revealed.

See pictures of the movie in the gallery below:

Detective Pikachu goes to theaters in May 2019.

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