Tuesday , May 11 2021

Doria announces two more reckless Ministries of Education and Culture

Other ministers of government of Michel Temer (MDB) on Tuesday announced the secretary of São Paulo's newly elected governor, João Doria (PSDB) on Tuesday (6). They will be Rossieli Soares da Silva, for Education, and Sérgio Sá Leitão, for Culture.

Rossieli is the head of the Ministry of Education since last April when he replaced Mendonça Filho. Previously held the secretary of basic education of the MEC. He was Secretary of Education for the state of Amazonas. Sá Leitão is a journalist and current Minister of Culture since July 2017.

On Monday, Doria had already announced to the Secretary of Civil Service the former mayor of the capital of São Paulo, Gilberto Kassab (PSD), currently Minister of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications.

Kassab became a defendant in September this year due to a court case filed by the state prosecutor in São Paulo, who accused him of receiving $ 21 million of money during a mayor's campaign in 2008. Doria and Kassab said the charges were not will have influence in the mandate.

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