Tuesday , October 19 2021

Evangelicals say the counselor of Great Malta was invited to the Ministry of Human Rights


BRASILIA – The Evangelical Pastor
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, parliamentary advisor of
Great Malta
(PR-ES), was invited by Bolsonaro to hold the post of Minister of Human Rights and Women. She is an antagonist of the LGBT movement and fights against legalization of abortion, among other conservative causes.

The information was confirmed by some of the main leaders of the evangelical group, who did not want to identify themselves. She is seen as a trusted name on the part of Bolsonaro. It would be the second woman in the ministries of the president-elect after Tereza Cristina (DEM-MS), invited to agriculture.

On Wednesday, the pastor went to the transition office and received the invitation personally. She said she would respond on Tuesday whether she would accept it or not. GLOBO learned that Great Malta was also informed of the possibility of his adviser being a minister.

In an interview in March, Damares said that "the woman is born to be a mother" and that "being a mother is the special role of women." She also said that she does not agree with the feminist movement, and that she worries that women are far away from home, working.

"It is as if there were a war between men and women in Brazil today. There is no such thing. I think we can live very well in this society that separated men and women. How to be in the labor market without compromising our (feminine) functions? It is possible ", said.

In an interview with the "Always Family" site in December 2017, she said she was fighting for the causes of the family and for a lifetime. She adopted an indigenous daughter at age 13 and could not have biological children because of sexual violence she suffered at age 6, she said.

– I have been working for years in the fight against gender ideology, since the eroticization of children is one of the pillars of this terrible ideology. I also have a job in preventing sexual abuse and violence against children and adolescents, which allows me to participate in various movements and in many groups in this area, he said.

Representatives of the evangelical group indicated three names for the Ministry of Citizenship on Tuesday: Gilberto Nascimento (PSC-SP), Marco Feliciano (Podemos-SP) and Ronaldo Nogueira (PTB-RS). After Bolsonaro exceeded the recommendations and indicated to Osmar Terra (MDB-RS) for the portfolio, the expectation was that one of the three would have the human rights folder. They do not feel contemplated, therefore, with a possible election of Damares, although they approve the name.

The president announced that he would keep the Human Rights and Women's folder on Wednesday after meeting with the elected senator Mara Gabrilli (PSDB-SP). He affirmed that it would be a ministry of human rights "really", "not what is there".

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