Thursday , January 21 2021

Fifteen people were injured in the traffic action, which fired four others

"They did not say anything, they were throwing gas and turning on fire." The report of the father of one of the 15 wounded in a bus dismissed by traffickers on the President Dutra highway in Nova Iguaçu reveals the cruelty of the criminals. According to the police, the attack was in retaliation for an action of the 20th BPM (Mosque), at 10 o'clock in the afternoon, which left two dead thugs and two other wounded. Four weapons and drugs were seized. In total, five buses were burned between the night of the day before yesterday and yesterday morning in Nova Iguaçu.

From Sunday morning, the region strengthens the police. On Monday, civil police officers are investigating the suspects of firing the buses.

"People came back from the Flamengo game against Botafogo and, suddenly, the thugs threw gas and put it on fire. They did not warn passengers to go down. They are the father of a 19-year-old victim who was in a state of shock, trauma and is hospitalized. We need arrangements. This has to stop. The boys come in, they stop, they set fire. There is a scorn for safety. We can not go out or go for a bus anymore, "says the boy's father, who asked not to be identified.

On Saturday night, the bus where the injured, line 106 (Paracambi x Nova Iguaçu) was intercepted by a group of about 10 armed traffickers, at the time of Rosa de Ventos, near the Inferninho community. About 40 minutes, the bandits set fire to a second group, line 05 (Riachão x Guanabara), which passed through the Alcir Brasil street at Comendador Soares. The third attack, against a group of line 122B (Commander Soares x Central), occurred half an hour later, at Lafaiete Pimenta Street, also at Commander Soares.

According to the police, the order to shoot to the three buses left from bandit known in the region like Jeremiah or King of Fumo. Three victims are hospitalized at Posse Hospital.

In Ambai, there was time to leave

The other two buses were burned yesterday morning at Avenida Henrique Duque Estrada Meyer, in the Ambai neighborhood, near the Buraco do Boi community. This attack, according to the police, has no connection with what happened the previous day. In Ambai, the reason would be an operation of the PM, which ended the arrest of a bully who was injured when trying to launch a grenade to the police.

According to the data of Fetranspor, in the last five cases, from 2016, 72 buses destroyed by bandits in Fluminense Down were counted, corresponding to 40% of the total registered in the state (182). In a statement, the company said that "they continue to control the operation in the region to ensure the safety of passengers and the road.

In 2005, five killed in Penha

It is not the first time that the thugs act with extreme cruelty against the passengers in reaction to the death of comparsas. On November 29, 2005, the fire on bus 350 (Passeio-Irajá) in Penha impressed public opinion. Five people died in barbarism, including a 1-year-old baby and 16 other people who suffered severe burns.

The criminals intercepted the bus. When the driver stopped, a man with a plastic bottle in his hands jumped the roulette wheel, launched gasoline in the passenger's corridor. The thugs fired and prevented the driver from opening the back door of the group so that people could leave. At the same time, another criminal took the driver by the force of the vehicle. Some passengers escaped with their bodies and shot down the street. Three suspects were tried and sentenced.

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