Tuesday , July 27 2021

Hollywood honors or comic book master Stan Lee – International

Stan Lee, a creator of classic characters like Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men and Black Panther, was killed on Monday.

– Hugh Jackman, who lived with Wolverine's X-Men character: "We lost a creative genius, Stan Lee was a pioneer in the universe of superheroes, and I am proud to receive a small part of his legacy. He helped give life to one of his characters ".

– Mark Hamill, known for his performance of Luke Skywalker in the saga "Star Wars": "His contribution to popular culture was revolutionary and has not yet been fully understood." It was all I could wait for and more. And I will always miss you, and say that you should never know the lies of your youth.

– Chris Evans, who gave life to the Capito Amrica character and starred in several Marvel films: "There's never been any other Stan Lee. For decades, he has offered young adults and adults adventures, escape, consolation, trust, inspiration, He loved love and goodness, and would leave an indelible mark on many, many and many lives. "Excelsior," he said, paraphrasing Lee.

– Tom Holland, an actor who played Peter Parker in the movie "Spider-Man: Back Home": "How many millions of us are in debt to this man and more than anyone else?" Marvel's father made many people incredibly happy. What life and what success, rest in peace, Stan. "

– Robert Downey Jr., who lived Iron Man: "I have all this … Rest in peace, Stan."

– Mark Ruffalo, actor who played Hulk: "Let us be more human, even superhuman. I feel deeply honored to be a small part of the constellation Stan Le."

– Evangeline Lilly, an actress who played Vespa: "I believe with all my heart that #StanLee wanted to celebrate this day. Even for his tears, we flooded the Internet with all the good, great or horrible works he has created in the name of Stan."

– Marvel Studios: "Nobody had more impact on our careers and everything we did at Marvel Studios than Stan Lee. Stan leaves an extraordinary legacy that will survive. Our thoughts are with his daughter, his family and his millions. Thanks! #Excelsior! "

– Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences: "Today we lost a superhero of real life. Stan Lee, thanks for everything."

– Neil Astrophysicist by Grasse Tyson: "Born before Edwin Hubble discovered the expanding universe, he finally created a universe in his own right …".

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