Friday , June 18 2021

"It's not worth $ 1, imagine you 1.5 million dollars?", Nadja shoots Caique

On Friday night (9), after being expelled from the Treasury, Nadja Pessoa addressed the Porchat program with her husband, Vinícius D '& Black, to discuss this whole experience in the skin of the reality show.

She explained how the friendship between her, Caique and Fernanda Lacerda ended up collapsing. "I am displeased by the expulsion, because of the progress of the last days." Emulated me because, as always, people do not like to hear the truth. Acaña and Fernanda wanted to vote in the Sertanejo, but already agreed with Rafael Island and Evandro, that my vote would be in another. They were very upset and friendship ended there, "he said.

Nadja Pessoa even said that, despite the aggression, he does not believe he would be expelled, because he was not well aware.

"Do you know this childlike thing?" "I was not in my right opinion, I was stressed". I never thought I would be expelled, because I had no intention of doing it, I did not see myself doing this scene. I did not call him malicious. "It forced a situation, wherever I was in the house that would go back". He stayed until he got what he wanted, "he said.

However, even with the expulsion, the businesswoman revealed that he did not feel hurt by the production of the program and still detonated the position of Caique Aguiar.

"It was not unfair to the program, they were correct and consistent, it did not fulfill an unintentional rule, but it was unfair to him, he assaulted me mentally, psychologically, I was in a psychological terror. I am not a man, I am a child. sorry for a truth, do you think it's $ 1.5 million? "

About Ana Paula, the rival that eliminated a Roça, Nadja accepted that it was a turn in the game and even thanked "# 39;

"He made me very strong at home, from the moment he put them against me, made me a victim." When she hit her breast and said, "I'm going to throw you away," she exploded.

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