Wednesday , January 27 2021

Popstar has a semifinal and repercussion on the web

This Sunday (11), the semifinal of the Popstar program of Globo Network took place, and five participants joined Malu Rodrigues to play in the final.

Who opened the program was Mouhamed Harfouch, who sang Anna Júlia, success of the Brothers.

Then it was the turn of Lua Blanca to enchant the audience by singing What's Up. Soon after, Jonathan Azevedo surprised the juries singing rap.

The actor chose the songs Que Que Sobrado de Cielo and Favela Reality.

Renata Capucci also received great public acclaim as he ventured and sang Livin & On A Pray for Bon Jovi.

Samantha also ventured and sang a hit of Bob Marley, Get Up, Stand Up.

In the time of Sergio Guizé, the actor put everyone to dance when singing No I Want Money, Just Want To Love.

Jennifer Nascimento still applauded in the middle of the show. She chose the song Look What Love Makes Me.

João Cortes also won a warm applause by choosing a song by Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk.

Afterwards, the participants returned for another round, which electrified the public.

In the end, he decided that Jennifer Nascimento, João Cortés, Renata Capucci, Mouhamed Harfouch and Sergio Guizé achieved a place at the end of the attraction.

Unsurprisingly, the audience followed everything and commented a lot on social networks.

Check out the main reactions.

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