Friday , January 22 2021

Prostate cancer kills and needs to be prevented, warns an expert

With the beginning of November the campaign of November Blue begins, which aims to strengthen the importance of the early diagnosis of prostate cancer and encourage men to take care of their own health. Only in Paraná, the Department of Health registered 990 deaths caused by prostate cancer in 2018. In this scenario, the urologist, Ítalo Fioravanti Junior (photo), emphasizes the importance of man, over 40 years, to perform preventive examinations every year .

According to data from the National Cancer Institute (Inca), prostate cancer is the second most common type of tumor among Brazilian men and according to the urologist, with the early detection of the disease, the patient has a cure superior to 90%.

Fioravanti explains that prostate cancer has no early symptoms. In this way, the man only discovers the disease when the tumor advances. Hence the importance and necessity of the annual examination. "It will only discover that prostate cancer is the man who is testing regularly, that is, annually. Tests must occur from age 50 or up to age 45, if the patient has cases in the family," he warned.

A taboo for the male audience, rectal examination is mandatory for men up to 50 years old. The touch tells the size of the prostate, the consistency and if there are suspicious nodules, the doctor explained. Blood tests to seek prostate specific antigen (PSA), a substance produced exclusively in the prostate, should begin at 40 years.

"In the event of a change, a biopsy is still needed to certify the disease. The 50-year-old man must take into account that it is mandatory to perform the tactical examination once a year, because he will only know if he has the disease through this test," said Fioravanti.


In the advanced stage, prostate cancer will attack other tissues of the body and the bones. At this stage, the disease generates deep pain in the patient and fractures can still occur due to bone fragility. The doctor also warns that there are cases of tumor emergence in younger men and for this public the disease is even more aggressive, with few possibilities of treatment. "You have to be aware of doing the exams," he said.


But it is not just the prevention of prostate cancer that deserves the attention of the male population. The urologist, Ítalo Fioravanti Junior, recalls that men should take care of health as a whole, adopting healthy habits, such as a balanced diet, physical activity and leisure. "Find quality of life for you and your family. We know that having a regulated life is beneficial for all, so avoid excessive alcohol, smoke, have a healthy diet and fight sedentary lifestyle," said the doctor

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