Wednesday , October 20 2021

Samuca's father reappears woman's dress in "Time Not For"


In the next chapters of "Time does not stop", we will see that Samuca (Nicolas Prattes) will finally decide to go after his father, the boy who left him in the past. But there is a surprise in the path of the protagonist: Livaldo Surprise everyone when appearing a woman's dress. What? It is true, the man will be disguised to escape the thugs behind him. It all begins when Samuca decides it's time to go after her father and complete Carmen (Christiane Torloni) with questions about the whereabouts of man.

The search

The woman goes after the help Rafael (Pedro Baião) to help find the ex and both find it on the internet. "I need you to come back, Livaldo … as soon as possible. It's very important. And then, can you do it for me?", The woman will insist when she gets in touch, but the director's father closes the call without saying hitting or not.

In a new connection, the boy explains that he is fleeing the bandits because he owes money and says he is at risk of life. "So … is the money you need?" Carmen. "Or paid or I'm doing running." Livaldo, leaving the woman without exit but to help.

Carmen go meet Dom Sabino (Edson Celulari) and explains everything that is happening. The ex-frozen man decides to ask for help Baron (Rui Ricardo Díaz) to locate the bad guys and pay off the debt of the ex-husband of his loved one. Even with this help, the guy will not appear and that's where Betina enters (Cleo).

Unexpected help

When Betina He discovers everything that is rolling and runs to try to find the father of the ex-promised. For that, ask for help Lucius (João Baldasserini), the twin brother of the late Emilio. After a while, the mad flame Carmen, Dom Sabino, Morocco (Juliana Paiva) e Samuca for the meeting with Livaldo.

"Thank you all for the presence. First of all, I must say that none of this would be possible without the intervention of my dearest Betinaannounce Lucius. "I did not do anything … I'm just trying to help", the villain will respond. It is at this moment that they ask Livaldo to enter. Its appearance is described as that of a man dressed in woman's makeup, dirty and dressed. "Livaldo!" Berra Carmen surprised.

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