Wednesday , May 12 2021

The joy lasted little? Update Galaxy S7 for Android Unlikely Pie

We inform you that the Galaxy S7 appeared on the Wi-Fi Alliance page with Android Pie, and the information left owners of the flagship launched in 2016 enthusiastically with a possible update of the system, something that Samsung does not do with devices released more than two years ago.

But for them, bad news: the smell of the cake was even more. This is because the list was modified later and the support documentation was withdrawn, which suggests that this aspect was only an internal error.

SamMobile has formulated a thesis to explain this possible error: Galaxy S7 has the SM-G930F model number, while Galaxy Xcover 4 is identified as SM-G390F. The latter received the certification for Android Pie moments after the withdrawal of the Galaxy S7 document. The numbers in the model numbers indicate that there may be a misunderstanding.

The Galaxy Xcover 4 appears as one of the Android Pie's updates, while the Galaxy S7 has never been seen with the possible update but appears in the list of devices that will receive quarterly security updates.

It is worth noting that the Galaxy S7 has hardware to run the Android Pie, then, unlikely as it seems, it is expected to see the iconic device that runs the latest version of the Google operating system. Your owners would be happy to have a user interface.

? The Samsung Galaxy S7 can receive update for Android Pie with One UI

Samsung officially presented its new One UI interface at the end of last year, an important redesign of what we already knew about the previous experience of Samsung.

He made his debut in the Galaxy S10, but is already present in many other models of the brand, such as Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S9 and S9 Plus, plus Note devices. It is believed that older devices, such as the Galaxy S7, would be left out, but this could not happen.

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March 25

Because the Samsung Galaxy S7 product page was updated on the Wi-Fi Alliance, registering for the SM-G930F model that shows that the device now works with Android 9.0 Foot.

This is interesting since the South Korean did not pronounce himself before delivering the Android Pie update to this device, and all other brands only received two important updates from the system and an extra year of security packages.

On the other hand, Samsung did not update its FOTA test bench with numbers of newer versions than the Android 8.0 Oreo for the device.

This bank is where Samsung stores all the compilation numbers of all beta software compilations, which works well to see if an update was released or is it testing a future update of a device

In short, it's interesting to be skeptical about it. If you are still testing the Android Pie for the Galaxy S7, it will surely be a very welcome update and that will make the owners happy. In addition, information on the Galaxy S7 Edge has not appeared, but if the standard variant receives the cake, it is very likely that its variant Edge also has access.

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