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Witzel Security Advisor for extortion crimes

One of the security advisers of the Governor of the State of Rio, Wilson Wiltzel, identified as Flavio Pacca Castelo Branco, is one of the objectives of an operation by the Corregidor de la Policía Civil and the Public Prosecutor (MPRJ) against the civil police accused of extortion.

This is the third phase of Operation of the Fourth Element. In addition to Flavio Pacca, there are arrests against civil police Ricardo Canavarro, who is already in jail, Helio Ferreira Machado and Tiago Pereira.

The four police officers are accused of participating in an extortion scheme against a workshop owner in Nova Iguassu, at Fluminense Lowered, in July 2017. According to G1, the group led the man to 52nd DP (Nova Iguaçu) to try Obteña $ 10,000 for the suspect suspect's release.

One of the police officers has already asked this informant to pass names of good goals to what they called "boats". On occasions, they went to the scene after the help of an informant, who told about the possibility of a "cat" of light and water in the workshop. With the information, the police went extortion in the neighborhood of Valverde, in Nova Iguaçu.

In the workshop of the vehicle, they found a "water jacket" and a stolen vehicle from Siena. They called the owner of the car to the scene, they notified the owners of the workshop about the theft of electricity and water and took them all to the police station. However, the vehicle was not tested or seized.

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