Thursday , January 28 2021

A pawn shop in Blagoevgrad was collected in the middle of the day

At noon several men invaded the pawnshop, which is next to the city's gypsy neighborhood. There was an employee in the office who was forced by thieves to observe the robbery in silence. The people who live in the area have not heard anything.

There is only one CCTV camera in the area where the reverse pairing store is located, but the cable is interrupted.

More than 3 hours of researchers conducted surveys and interrogations. The office was also the pawns agenda, which refused to stand in front of the cameras. Understood about the theft, people who have belongings in the pawnshop understand what's happening.

Pawnbroker's owner is a Sofia company, which has another office in Blagoevgrad. Some time ago, it was also taken, then the thieves were captured and convicted.

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