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Bulgaria. | The Deputy Minister of Justice was dismissed from the University of Veliko Tarnovo


The Deputy Minister of Justice was dismissed from the University of Veliko Tarnovo

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The Deputy Minister of Justice, Prof. Nikolay Prodanov was dismissed as a professor at the University of Veliko Tarnovo because he did not perform his duties at the upper school, informs the Bulgarian National Radio. This is evidenced by a message signed by Prof. Rector. Hristo Bondzolov on the University website.

It implies that Prodanov participates in a story about the dissemination through multimedia publications of illegal evidence of the teaching capacity of 170 Italian citizens emitted by the educational establishment.

The appointment of Prodanov to the Ministry of Justice has been the seat of the United Patriots.

"We were surprised to read that the University of Veliko Tarnovo canceled evidence of pedagogical qualifications and sent false information to the National Accreditation and Accreditation Agency. There are no unregistered students who have received a certificate of education, including from Italy. November 2018 to Professor Nikolay Prodanov as a professor who does not carry out his duties at the University of Veliko Tarnovo but as Deputy Minister of Defense. You can only decide that he organized this action against the University of Veliko Turnovo on the eve of the celebration of the 55th anniversary of his foundation "says the university website.

Prodanov: I'll step over my dismissal

Prodanov commented on National Radio that he learned of his disciplinary dismissal today from his students and from the University website. "My name interferes in an unacceptable manner with an inspection carried out by the Office of the Prosecutor against the actions taken by the University administration and makes inadmissible insinuations that I, almost as Deputy Minister of Justice could have an impact," said Prodanov, adding that he would appeal the order of the rector through a court.

There are 170 Italians of confidence

Today, the Ministry of Education and the University of Veliko Turnovo entered into a dispute over the credibility of professional qualification tests as a teacher issued by Italian citizens. Now. The reason for this was that the diplomas in question had been canceled by the superior school because they were illegal. They denied the university claiming that they received legal training for the Italians. The case also reached the Attorney General for suspected crime, the newspaper reported.

Nikolay Prodanov

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Nikolay Prodanov

In this case, there are 170 Italians who graduated in Italian universities and are enrolled at the University of Pernik in 2016 for a qualification course "Professor". At that time, the students had the right to conduct such courses, but after the modification of the regulation came into effect, pedagogical competence could only be given by the accreditation of the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation for Pedagogy. Given that the Pernik did not exist, the Italians were transferred to the University of Veliko Tarnovo, where two-sided distance studies are carried out with assistance and receive certificates in 2017.

However, an examination of the National Center for Information and Documentation, which certifies the professional qualification, has shown various violations in the training carried out by VTU. For example, 70% of the lectures on compulsory courses of the program were conducted by Italian-enabled people. These professors are not included in the register of academic staff of the Ministry of Education and Science. In addition, a significant part of the training was carried out independently and illegally by the University of Pernik, which no longer has the right to these courses.

After the National Center, the Ministry of Education verifies that the decision to recognize the students is written in a minute of the meeting of the Academic Council, without being able to vote. The Office recommended the cancellation of 170 professional qualification tests. "In relation to the question asked about whether a crime has been committed in accordance with the Criminal Code, the General Prosecutor of the Republic of Bulgaria is seized," concluded the Ministry of Education.

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