Saturday , January 16 2021

Ludogorec – Beroe 0-0, a controversial ambush stopped the goal for the guests

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Tournament: A group

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Kesheru's shot with his right foot!

Pernish reflects the lack of the Romanian attacker.

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A shot by Marcellino is blocked by Hadjiev.

The ball enters the body of the player of Beroe.

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Multiple riots in the middle of the field.

The game is cracked.

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Meska handed over to Tsonev.

A diagonal shot of the latter, the ball passes through the left side of the door of Ludogorets.

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Mochy case tore Rainov's shirt.

The situation is in the eyes of the main judge …

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The ambush of Tsonev.

He still sends the ball to the net, then warned by the referee.

The situation remains controversial.

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Martin Kamburov does not look happy in the bench.

In all likelihood, he prefers to be on the field at this time the experimental taran.

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Nedyalkov is trying to put Marcellino behind the defense of his rival.

Do not play defender.

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Sasha and Lukoci failed to double in a quick attack against the hosts.

The ball was taken from the players of Beroe.

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Mesh ambush.

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Marcellino with a shot!

He was not far from the truth of his experience, but he could not find the result.

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Goralsky's long shot!

The world is far from white.

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Kesheru is very active in the front row for the servers.

However, there are few qualitative facts you receive.

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Vanderson focuses on a static position.

Pernish comes out of the field and safely took the ball into his hands.

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Shoot me

Renan's ball goes way behind.

A mistake on the right side of the home defense crashed in the match.

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First signal of judgment.

Ludogorec receives Beroe in the last game of the fifth round of the First League. The duel is today at 4:45 p.m. at Ludogorets Arena.

The "eagles" will pursue three points against Stara Zagora to be able to return their progress to CSKA and increase this to Levski.

The coach of the players of Razgrad, Antoni Zdravkov, will not make changes in its composition. He had only one question – who would direct the attack.

Ludogorets looking for a new player

Ludogorets looking for a new player

The "Eagles" are looking for Marellio's deputy

Beroe ranks fourth in the moment. Alexander Tomasch graduates will try to sneak three points from the championship visit, taking them to the top three teams in the standings.

Sarkozy's coach doubted some of the positions, but finally made the final decision.

The money of Ludogorets, except for the bankruptcy of Atlético de Goiannazze

The money of Ludogorets, except for the bankruptcy of Atlético de Goiannazze

The Eagles paid 1.5 million Euros to this club by Junior Brando

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