Thursday , July 29 2021

Lupko Petrovich hurt Levski: I'd love to work at CSKA

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Former Levski and Litex coach – Ljupko Petrovic, commented CSKA and mentor of "Armenians" – Nestor the Mestre. As you know, the "red" is under the leadership of Lupko's great friend – Grisha Ganchev. Petrovic does not exclude the possibility of a day's work for CSKA.

"My coaching career in Rwanda will soon finish, I won the APR championship title in the past and return to the beginning of the new season, and this is the team of the" Army "of the country and here people are very respectful of the excellent results .

"Now, for CSKA and Nestor the Teacher, he is a very talented coach with great potential, not hiding that I was the people who guaranteed him for the leadership of CSKA. Let fanatics be patient. Yes, there were dubious games, but everything the world can pass, is on the right track, look at the rankings; the team has real chances of attacking the title and the Cup, of course. "

"Nobody has sought me for now in Borisov's garden but does not exclude the option of helping Nestor in CSKA as a consultant or something else, but not as a coach. I honestly hope that the master will win all his games to the end of the natural year. , and I do not have to help in the spring, although it does not prevent me from working in the army.

"What I did before was Levski – it does not matter – I'm a professional, and I have the best feelings for Grisha Ganchev, with whom I've worked better than Litex, to me it's an example of a perfect manager," Lupko Petrovich told Blic.

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