Wednesday , October 20 2021

Mariana Vecilska appeared without makeup (photo)


Television guest Mariana Vekilska publishes a sincere image on social networks.

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Vecilski puts a picture in which he is a beautician. She showed how she looked without makeup and thanked her for her natural makeup.

"I have long felt that I have been biting my eyebrows years and ruining the natural beauty of my eyes."

Vekilski is very pleased with her new old eyebrow, which, in her words, has become even prettier than before, thanks to professional intervention.

"This is an entire art, thanks to the heart for the professionalism, the precision and the fact that I'm so natural! ", added the television station.

A few years ago Mariana spoke frankly of her appearance. Then she said: "Somehow I do not have things, but I have no health problems. Stress, tension and lack of sleep block the body's natural processes. The kilograms do not determine the type of person that is. I am not thin, but I have many more valuable qualities".

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