Thursday , October 28 2021

Only in BLITS! Produces a unique VIDEO in which Emanuela admits she is a prostitute – BLITZ


A scandalous retro video is emerging in the network, where folk singer Emanuela responds to her that she is a paid girl. The video was filmed at the beginning of his career and was broadcast on the gossip program, which Alena Vouleva is famous for – "Signal Yellow."

Asked by a show reporter, Emanuela admits having sex for money. She says she thinks she has nothing to do with it.

"Make it a prostitute," says the reporter, and the singer replied that she is one.

During the entire interview, Albena Vouleva mocks Emanuela's eyebrows, calling them "cheap" and "promotions."

We recall that Emanuela and Albena Vouleva were roommates in one of the most swollen seasons of Big Brother: All Stars.

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