Thursday , September 23 2021

Polly Genoa became a mother! Daniel was born

The artist Paul Genova gave birth this afternoon. She became the mother of a child, learned

The baby is the first child of the singer and Daniel will be called.

In March, the singer did a baby party in anticipation of her first-born.

And what is the meaning of the DANIEL name?

E. It shows a propensity to reflection, a deep reflection both on philosophical questions and on life, the will to help, but also to the great stubbornness, pride and independence, and as a consequence of this is the propensity to errors and to the difficult judgment of ours own powers and capabilities. The hard word "D" does not mix well with all the sounds, generates expectation, which leads to difficulties in the relationship.

A. a symbol of something new, a beginning in the broadest sense and also a renewal, a revival. Excellent combined with other sounds, it does not hinder pronunciation. The letter "A" in the name of the man gives joy, gives him the strength to fight against the difficulties.

H It is associated with the protest, an internal attitude to accept everything that is critical, the ability to "filter" the information received, reject the secondary and leave only the main. "H" speaks of a great capacity for work and at the same time of disgust for useless work. This sound does not irritate the surroundings, but with that person one is due to discuss for a long time in each subject. These people always have their own opinions that rise to the end.

E The name shows sophistication, romance, sentimentality. Some delays and uncertainties that reside in this letter make difficult easy decision-making and delay the reactions. "E" attributes the character to diplomacy as a protective response to rudeness and pressure. For conscience, this is acting peacefully and without any discomfort.

Well, It is a symbol of the need for self-expression, exchange of ideas, as well as diplomatic skills, insight, but also scarcity. This letter suggests the possibility of nervous breakdowns derived from complex relationships with loved ones. "E" shows an easy adaptability, an increase in sexuality, but often suppressed by complexity. Unconsciously, the sound is perceived calmly, without irritation.

L. It gives artists, rich fantasies, literary abilities. Predisposition to laziness and contemplation, which makes it harder to look for its purpose of life. The search for material well-being leads to action. "L" speaks of highly developed family feelings. Even so, the owner of a name, which has the letter "L", is sometimes quite impatient and easily enters into conflict. Maybe that's why the soft "L" causes different associations in our perception.

Our team wishes health and joy to the small heir of Poly Genova.

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