Thursday , October 28 2021

Samsung's technology to produce flexible displays has been sold illegally to China


South Korean authorities are investigating a case of industrial espionage. There are nine people under suspicion, employees of the company Toptec Co. Ltd.. It is assumed that the company's maximum manager, along with eight of its employees, are involved in the sale of Samsung's technology for the production of flexible displays, a Chinese company.

The group was suspected of creating an empty signature that received the technical documentation of Samsung Display, the subsidiary of Samsung. Then this information was sold to the Chinese side in 15.500 million Korean sausages or about 13.85 million dollars. The information is available at Reuters.

Toptec, which specializes in the production of robotic devices for mobile panels, says that it has nothing to do with this incident. The company is willing to cooperate fully with the authorities and helps to reveal the truth. But in the context of these events, Toptec shares fell by 20%.

Samsung Display, on the other hand, said that it intends to increase the security in the company and more to avoid such leaks of critical information. Reuters adds that some 130 million dollars have been spent on the development of new technology.

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