Tuesday , October 19 2021

Strong Ludogorets leaked Leverkusen in Germany


Ludogorets lost the victory at the Bai Leverkusen Arena in a Group A match of the Europa League and both teams went round 1: 1.

The first goal was Marcelino, who finished in the 69th minute and Wieser redeemed the tournament five minutes before the end of the regular schedule.

After the draw, the "eagles" are 4 with a 3-point asset. Leverkusen is the leader with 10 points and Zurich has one point less.

In general, Antoni Zdravkov decided to put a very interesting headline today and also appeared the names of Goralski, Schwierchok and Joao Paulo.

The encounter started with a slight advantage from the hosts and, in the second minute, Alario scored a blow that passed through the door of the visiting team.

A few minutes later, he tries again his luck, but this time from a much more difficult shooting position. His second experience passed through the door.

However, Ludogoretz replied, and in minute 13 Vanderson struck, but it was inaccurate.

A dozen minutes later, Vanderson returned with the ball after he was in a good position. But he shoots again incorrectly.

28 minutes into the game, Leverkusen were awarded a penalty that Schwierchok turned into a dismal performance, however. The ball looked to have taken a deflection on the way in, but he's claiming it!

In the minutes until the end of the half, there were no dangers in front of the two doors, and in the last seconds of the Arangis blow, the goal passed.

The second half started with a good opportunity for the hosts, but Shrek, from a good position in the penalty area, sent the ball over.

After 50 minutes, Bailey had a good opportunity to score the lead goal but the home team's goalkeeper made the save.

A few minutes later, Renan made a fantastic rescue after a long strike from Wendell.

In the 67th minute, Schwierchok made an unforgivable pass when he failed to overtake Ouzhman.

Still two minutes later, the Polish recovered after a good shot brought Marcellino only against the goalkeeper and the Brazilian hit the ball and eliminated the goalkeeper.

In the 80th minute, Bailey made a hard blow that found Terziev's body. So Hawtherts shoots off the door.

Five minutes after focusing on the penalty area, Renan could not kick the ball and fell on Weiser's feet, which from a small angle sent her to the eagle's door.

There were no goals in the end.


Marcellino 69: 0: 1
1: 1 Weisser 85

LEVERCUZEN: Ozdjan, Wendel, Rzeszow (34 – Baumgartlinger), Dragovic, Weiser, Shrek (73 – Hauerts), Arangis (61 – Bender), Paulinho, Bailey,

LUDOGOREC: Renan, Terziev, Mochi, Forster, Vandersson, Sasha, Dyakov, Goralsky, Sissyne, Joao Paulo (63 – Marcellino), Schwierchok (83 –

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