Thursday , October 28 2021

The boys from Arsenal went to Kiev for 3: 0


Arsenal won 3: 0 in the Europa League with a 3: 0 victory in the Europa League, becoming the first place in Group E, with 13 points ahead of the last matches, 3 ahead of Sporting and a better balance in direct matches with the Portuguese.

The Londoners scored 3 goals to the rest and left no doubts in their superiority to win the fourth time in the race.

As is known, the meeting was questionable and was moved by Poltava to Kiev for security reasons, but that in no way affected the English team, which did not have much of its owners.

In the Arsenal group, given the next derby with Tottenham, they did not logically reach Obamayang, Ozil, Lakazet, Leno, Torreira, Eibi, Montreal and Mustafi. They were not at all in the group. However, this was not a problem and its guests have already achieved a win over the holidays.

The game started at a very fast pace with the attacks on both doors, only the London class marked the difference and in the 10 minute the guests took the initiative.

Ramsey and Willok doubled the edge of the penalty area, creating panic in defense of the hosts. Arthur did not leave the ball in the goalkeeper, but he put his leg directly at the feet of Smith-Rowe, who of course did not miss him.

The artillerymen continued to play well and, in the middle of the first half, they reached a penalty against Ramsey. It was Welsh who was the one who performed and performed without problems.

41 minutes into the game, Joe Willow missed an opportunity to score from the penalty spot, but the ball went wide.

After pause, the rhythm fell logically, but Arsenal scored again through Smith-Rowe, but the referee canceled the blow without knowing why. Petr Cech left the hosts in minute 70 with a good rescue against Perdua and Smith-Rowe caused that Shustus explode shortly after.

The guys at Unai Emery tried to score even more hits and, although they did not do so, they definitely made a good impression on their performance.

Vorslake – Arsenal 0: 3

0: 1 Smith-Row 10

0: 2 Rams 27 penalties

0: 3 Willock 41

Worsla: Shust, Perduta, Dalkus, Cesnakov, Batista, Sapiy (36 Kroes), Sklar, Sharpar, Rebenok (85 Saki), Kulah (71 dogs)

Arsenal: Chech, Liechtenstein, Jenkinson, Holding (58 Medley), Maitland-Nijls, Genduzi (77 Gilmour), Elveni, Willok, Ramsey (68 Saka), Smith-Row,

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