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The Bulgarian will build a factory for 20,000 electric cars

The founder of the Bulgarian automobile company Sin Cars Rossen Daskalov announced that he will build an electric car factory with a capacity of 20,000 units a year. This entrepreneur from Rousse promised a message for his upcoming participation in the Geneva Motor Show, which will open on March 5. The cars will be relatively cheap, small and can be transformed from small to urban and from business to business. The new development of urban mobility by Rossen Daskalov is called Sin L-City.

"Sin Cars will install a high-tech factory with a production line to produce an optimized manufacturing process that will allow quick and easy assembly of the different platform variants using standard materials. The L-City production line is designed with an annual capacity of 20,000 vehicles, which will be directed to the European market and that the launch of production is planned for 2020, "said the statement from the company.

"The electric car we want to produce is for European cities with green areas in the central part of the city where few or many other cars can not move, the base price of the smallest car will cost about 10,000 euros, says Daskalov.

The electric car platform will be such that it can be easily transformed both in the passenger compartment and on the disk. You can only request the front or rear drive or 4×4 drive. Interestingly, the battery will be easy to change, so you do not have to wait to load.

"These cars will increase their efficiency and reduce their costs: they will no longer spend money on petrol or replacing oil because they are 100% electric," said the company.

The electric car is a versatile concept with a modular tubular construction that can be customized to the client's preference in three basic lengths: 3, 3.5 and 4 meters. Depending on the platform chosen between the three available versions, 2, 4 or 6 people can find a place inside the electric car and, in a commercial car configuration, the variants range from a standard collection to strictly customized solutions for commercial use.

Regarding the disk, Sin L-City also offers several options: with one or two electric motors and several types of integrated battery units. The company also promises a range of 600 kilometers. An additional advantage can also be achieved by integrating solar modules into the roof of the vehicle.

With a maximum speed of up to 70 km / h and thanks to its modular tubular platform, the Sin L city can also be driven by a cable unit, which reduces the presence of mechanical connections in the steering system, reducing even more operating costs. The use of the standard address with a steering wheel, pedals and seat will be designed to be easily replaced by a steering and electro-hydraulic braking system. As for the structure of the car chassis, it is analogous to the electric buses of the Chinese company BYD.

Thanks to its modular design, mounting in any country in the world should also not be a problem.

The company Sin Cars, registered in England and Bulgaria by the famous Bulgarian businessman and former pilot Rossen Daskalov, showed last March in Geneva and his first hybrid car – Sin S1, also built on a modular basis. The chassis remains the same in different options, and everything else: body type, power unit and interior are the customer's choice.

The automobile configuration may change during its operation. In summer, the Sin S1 can be a convertible or a roadster, and in the fall and winter – a sports coupe. On the track this will be a powerful runner and after leaving a car for everyday use.

The Sin S1 engine has four variants: the first is a gasoline with a 2-liter turbocharger (255 hp, 434 Nm). The second is a 3.5-liter atmospheric engine (365 hp, 570 Nm). In the first variant, the classic exercise 0-100 km / h takes 2.8 seconds, and the second – 2.5. The third option is a hybrid power unit, adding a 120 hp electric motor to the turbocharger. and a battery for your power supply with a capacity of 24 kWh. The room is purely electric – only with the electric motor and a single mileage of 200 km.

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